Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten: For the Love of Food and People

Have you ever wondered how it came to be that we use food words or flavor descriptions as terms of endearment for the ones we love.  Could it be as simple as the food that sustains our health and ability to thrive is equal to the love we need in order to accomplish complete vitality?  Therefore we use the adjectives and proper names of the foods that satisfy our hunger to also stamp the same feelings of fulfillment on the living beings we love too.

I personally love the idea that these two ideas correlate.  I myself have used a number of these many times towards my family and friends, and especially my kids.  These terms just seem to fit.  Being the food lover that I am this association is really fun and it has become a great game for the dinner table with my husband and kids trying to think of all the food names we use for love.  So here is the top ten that we came up with.  You will have to share with me some of your own or any that I may have missed.  As always these are in no particular order- they were just my favorites!  Some of these you can combine too, to make a real lovey combo!!

1.  Little Bean

 2.  Pumpkin Head

3.  Peanut

4.Sweet Pea

5. Baby Cake

6.Pork Chop

7. Dumpling

8.  Love muffin

9.  Sweetie Pie

10.  Honey or Sugar