Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Break Up ~

March 7, 2010

This is my goodbye to you my dear sweet love.
I just love you so much that it is taking over everything.
I lose my mind when you are around.
I find that I can't control myself around you.
I am not used to having such a lack of willpower.
I feel like you are starting to affect my health, and that is where I draw the line.

I am not saying that we can't ever see each other again, but I think for now it is best if we take a break.  I need some to time to figure out who I am.  Your distractions are taking me down a path that is starting to be very costly.  If we are ever going to have a chance to be together again then I think this time away will be best for us both.  

I believe I will appreciate you more after our time away.  I am truly sorry that I can't be with you right now, but if we are meant to be- then we will be united again someday very soon.  I will never forget how happy you made me feel during the good times.  I will look forward to those times that will be awaiting us in the future.  

I will love you always and in all your forms: Sugar, Chocolate, Ice Cream, cookies, cake, and certain candies.  Please forgive me that I can't be with you until I can learn to control myself. 

Love always,

-Due to my complete love for all things food I have had some issues lately with the majority of the clothes in my closet not fitting me comfortably.  This is something new to me and I think it is because I have lost the balance between calories in/calories out.  Up until recently I had fortunately been able to eat whatever I wanted to my hearts content.  Since my full time schedule started for culinary school this semester I have not made the time to workout like I usually would.  Yet I kept on eating, and especially my baking classes have really added to my complete loss of willpower.  It is all just so wonderfully tasty and I don't know when to stop eating the cookies!  I just need some time to get the control back and then I think I will be able to happily return to my enjoyment of all things sweet.  I'm not sure how it will all work out, but thankfully I am in love with veggies and fruits too so I think I won't feel too lonely during this break-up.  That is one benefit of being a foodlover of all things food, there are always options!

To start I am going to have a green smoothie for breakfast:

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Its a recipe I made up and posted to  Let me know if you try it!
Be-Bok Berry Smoothie