Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Plate - Together At The Family Table

I didn't have enough time beforehand to study my dictionary.  Apparently that was not necessary since I have been doing enough Thesaurus work with my blog that my vocabulary is up to speed.   I honestly can't tell you what my final score was.  I didn't win, but I didn't lose either.  Thanks to my Mom I did get a great game changing score in the middle of the game.  Dad wasn't very happy about it since it was his turn after me.  Its all about laying out a brilliant word on some part of the prime real estate on the Scabble board.  By the end of the game I was exhausted, partly from eating too much, and partly from working all day in the kitchen making food for a long time friend's baby shower and also for my Mom's Birthday Game Night/Family Dinner party which ended up being back to back that day.  

I did my pear plate x2 for both parties and tried something new- Candied Pecans- they a very yummy new addition with the dried cherries and goat cheese too.

It was my Mom's birthday weekend, and our newly formed "Family Game Night" was a perfect fit for the whole family to get together and celebrate.  My sister Jen and I decided to handle the food for this one so that Mom could take a break and enjoy.  I had two parties to attend in the afternoon and so I got to work right away Saturday morning- turning my kitchen into a beautiful disaster!  Obviously I totally enjoyed prepping all the food I was responsible for.  Jen told us that she worked in her kitchen all day too and to everyone's delighted surprise she offered us some very delicious dishes for all her hard work!  Mom couldn't help not making something too.  She made her favorite cake in the whole world- "Mississippi Mud Pie!"  

Here is a photo tour of some of our food:

The birthday girl and her "Mud Pie"

Jen's Taco Salad in Tortilla Bowls- they were so creative and scrumptious!

I chose to make my "Thai Corn Cakes" with fresh sweet corn from my  Mom's favorite corn farmers and she loved them.  They are so easy!

Jen's "Artichoke Mushroom Bruschetta with Pesto"  These were AWESOME and so different than anything I had seen before- Good job girl!

My "Triple Mushroom Soup"  

Jen's Dessert Platter- A Cream Cheese Pecan and Chocolate Dip and cinnamon sugar graham crackers.  This was really cool too, very different, fun and delicious!

The gorgeous birthday girl enjoying the goodies!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Thanks for sharing your Birthday with us 
and letting us put together a dinner for you!
We love you!

"Mom's Girls"- Me and my Sister Jen