Thursday, April 16, 2015

Its up to me....

The spring rain is perfect today.

It symbolizes so many things... restoration, rejuvenation, a transition and encouragement for refreshment, a beautiful insurgence of new energy and nourishment, and a natural process for washing away the debris of a more dormant time period. 

I have decided I am going to be like this season today and purposefully make choices that encourage the same results as the intention of a April shower.  Its a silly thing to say I am sure but "April Showers bring May flowers"- right?  I will compare my choices to take a much needed day for myself as the same inspiration and today can be a beautiful transition for me- an opportunity to feel a renewal of my spirit, my energy and my overall perception of balance.

I'm taking a day for me- the kids are all covered, my clients are all aware, the loves of my life are encouraging me to take this time that they have known I have needed for awhile- and they are helping me in everyway possible to do it. I confess, I have known better all along these many months that I have not taken advantage of the opportunities the way I should.

Just as much as food nourishes the physical demands of living life, and being able to thrive- so too does intentional time for oneself.  I love to give and care for others- its the most important reason why I am mother, but I know better than to go too long without fulfilling just the right balance of care for myself too.

Its a beautiful spring rainy day, and its a beautiful day to live, to smile, to love, and to be good to oneself.  I know I am thankful today for some time to breathe and rest.