Sunday, March 21, 2010

"A Tour of Italy" - The Sound of Success

I have a new favorite sound.......

This sound is a combination of perfectly un-choreographed synchronicity.  It starts with a sizzling hum paired with a preparatory clatter of pans and tongs.  It also included the jangle jingle of silverware against bright white platters followed by a joyful choir of various conversations.   This sound has a slender slice of an echo attached to it and an undeniable note of happiness at its finish.

Welcome to the hustle and bustle, and the delivery of a highly anticipated evening of great food and good friends at Lobdell's Student Restaurant inside the Great Lakes Culinary Institute.  This particular evening features the Culinary Creativity  of Chef Coburn MacNaughton's World Cuisine Students as they have prepared a "Tour of Italy" for your dining pleasures.

Our menu

This dinner was such a wonderful learning experience and everyone really showed up and showed out with their commitment to producing and plating a five course round of delights.  With focus and confidence we conveyed our culinary practice to our families, friends and guests.  From what we could discern they all left their tables with highly satisfied expectations for what was truly a delightful dinner.

Class photo at the end of the night

I am very proud of what we accomplished as a team of classmates and I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with every single person who was there- including the instructors and the students who came in to serve our dinner as the "Front of the House" staff.  This miniature taste of what it is like to work on the cooking line in a restaurant was fabulously fun and a great learning experience.  Thanks to our Sous Chef and classmate Ryan- who walked me through the routine beforehand-  I felt fully prepared for what we would need to execute once our first round of orders came in.  The plates went out, and we did everything we planned to do.  High fives all the way around as the last set of 5 plates were whisked away to their table and what a great feeling to know "We did it!"  I am sure all the other teams working on their particular course felt the same way.

The main entree team- Jared, Me and Ryan

Once again I am just completely thankful to be exactly where I am at this very moment.  Working towards my education in the Culinary Arts is the perfect fit for me and I am always looking forward to what is next onthe production list.  We only have about a month left of classes before the end of the semester and then I will be starting my internship.  I am thankful for a night like this to help prepare me for what I might be faced with this summer.

 I am extremely thankful for my family and friends who continue to support me and encourage me through this journey.  It is all so amazingly wonderful to be living every single one of my dreams.  My ambition is burning and I am ready to put the hard work in to make the impact I was meant to leave on this earth.

Table for three- our entree waiting to be delivered

One plate at a time- I will continue putting my passion into each creation :)