Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preview of The Big Night: Our "Tour of Italy" Class Dinner

I am not exactly sure when it happened but somehow in the midst of the past ten weeks I have experienced a remarkable change in my comfort level at school.  It is a good change.

 The kitchens that we as students learn and work within used to feel strange and unknown to me.  I always felt like I was trying to figure out where something was located or scrambling around while trying to accomplish my daily production tasks.  Also, the classmates that  I knew were in their second year seemed so much more cooler and wiser than me. I am so far only a little first year student.  I admire how these second year classmates move through the walk-in, kitchen and hallways with such grace and comfortability.  The way they called out a hello to the chef instructors or joked with other classmates in the halls really caught my attention and I found myself looking forward to the day when I would fit in the same way.

 Overall I knew it wouldn't take me too long to find my place in the Culinary School ranks.  I figured it would be just like when you start a new job and it takes time to learn the ropes.  I also knew it wouldn't happen overnight, but I can safely say that I am definitely on my way now.  I am really liking the particular surroundings that I have come to recognize and the friendships that I have developed along the way.

The knowledge and hands on skills I am practicing are really starting to take form too.  My intuitions and ideas have a stronger sense about them.  I know this because when I transfer my performance to the home kitchen, there are certain meals and baked goods that I used to struggle with that are now turning out quite a bit nicer.  Its the techniques that are being honed- my abilities are more precise, and I have a  sharper understanding about how to create good food.  (Though I still struggle with sharpening my own knife and thankfully I have a friend who is helping me with that one.  I will be writing about him soon.)

All this being said, tomorrow is a very big day for me and my classmates in World Cuisine Class. We have been planning for this event for almost a month now and its finally here. Friday evening, March 19, 2010 Chef Coburn MacNaughton's World Cuisine Class will be presenting "A Tour of Italy" in five distinct and thoroughly planned out courses. With the help of our friends from another World Cuisine class who will be working as servers in the front of the house we will create and serve our pride and joy. This is why we are here at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute ~ to prepare food in a pleasing and deliciously tasteful manner.

This is our opportunity to practice these newly formed skills. This is a "real live" moment that requires us to expedite our "A Game" efficiently and flawlessly.

This is the instant where we merge into a new awareness.

Where we get to move up the ladder among our peers.  
We start to earn the credibility right now that we all desire in our future careers.

This is how we become seasoned and our knowledge transforms into wisdom.  

I can't wait for tomorrow night!!

I have faith that everything we set out to accomplish will be wonderful!

This is what I am supposed to be doing!

Here is a small preview of our prep this week: