Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeling Poetic Lately...

I have been thinking about all of the stories I want to share with you lately....

But every night when I get home from my cooking adventures, the moment I sit down becomes the trigger to my quick decent to sleep and dreams.  Basically I am too tired to focus my scripts into typed out form. The remedy for this time and space I am lacking to confess to you all my passionate food experiences is to turn my journaling over to poetic exploration.

The beauty of poetry is that it can transform the familiar and simple into an adventure in expression and intense interpretation.  Suddenly the way I see the world can be illustrated in an entirely new and fresh form.  The greatest attribute to this type of writing is that I have discovered it is generated quickly and I can write these short and sweet verses anywhere and at anytime.  My epic analysis through poetry for my love of food has been especially adventuresome- whatever this new revelation is, I am confident it will continue to strengthen.  Stay tuned and try to keep up with me.  I look forward to sharing my innovations in my writing ambitions.

Here is a quick first taste:

If I could eat the Sun 
I'd drizzle it on Homemade Toast
Radiantly Delicious
It's glistening goodness drips over onto my fingertips

Warm and Smooth
Golden and Buttery
I'd lick its Richness away
and leave napkins to attend to Crumbs

Turquoise skies embrace the golden warmth of the sun 

While crystal waves kiss the sandy scruff of the shoreline's cheeks 

Gentle breezes float by with momentary relief 

and I can hear the lazy dragonfly on its courses across arid landscapes 

 My cinnamon toes have disappeared beneath the warmth of sandy earth 

and I will drift off to daytime dreams.