Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boots the Cat- Total Foodie at Heart

**Boots is the Black Star Farms kitty who basically thinks she owns the place.  From what I have learned she is the sole surviving barn cat, particularly good at avoiding coyotes and rabies infested mice.

She comes to visit us at the kitchen every morning for a small plate of half and half cream.  On my first day at the job she was an ambassador, making sure I was aware of her routines and that i shouldn't take too much time to prepare her morning treat.

I've come to learn we aren't her only stop and that she has various venues throughout her day that she greets, even if only for a scratch behind her ears.  I've also heard she is not allowed in the Inn for anything since on various occasions she has apparently been found sleeping in some of the guests beds.  I don't blame her at all- from what I understand the Inn beds are AMAZING!  Finding traces of cat hair on bedding comforters might not be a great way to keep that reputation though.

Overall I like Boots approach to farm life.  She makes her rounds about the property in style and she is a foodie too!  She is well liked by everyone and never over stays her welcome.  Every morning various different employees come up to the Inn kitchen to fill their coffee cups, I like that Boots has her only special morning pick-me-up too!