Monday, July 5, 2010

Photo Gallery: Breakfast Fun

"Fresh picked flowers from the orchards on the farm :)  I love them!"

The kitchen in the morning has become my stage. Where upon any given sunrise I can be found collaborating some of the finest fresh ingredients around.  Fresh eggs from our chickens and newly picked herbs that have just shook off their morning dew.  So many components that we cook with have traveled only just across Leelanau county if they aren't from our farm already.  Some mornings I arrive and haven't a clue to what I will create.  I let the objects of the refrigerators guide me, dependent usually on what is available and making sure not to duplicate the menus of the past few days in cse we have had guests stay longer than two nights.

This opportunity to cook and prepare breakfast meals from some of my own original ideas is truly exciting. I've been given license to make whatever I want within the guidelines of certain expectations and aspects.  Meat, egg, vegetable, starch, sauce, garnish- these are the items that should be the major players of my creations. The reactions from our breakfast guests is sometimes overwhelming.  It feels so great to see their enjoyment. Their gratitude in the form of clean plates is especially wonderful.  I absolutely love this part of my new job at Black Star Farms.  What a fabulous opportunity to practice my passion for cooking and food.  The fact that it is farm fresh food makes it even more amazing!

Here is a few pics of some of my creations.    I look forward to every morning that I get to cook and create in the Inn kitchen.  So thankful to be apart of this successful "Agricultural Destination."