Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yuck! Creepy Crawlers

Look Out- Spiders are coming inside for the winter!

This was actually one of the smaller ones- still big though

Coming to get me!

Cool Toad!  He was squeeking and purring like a cat

An earth worm of many along the asphalt

I really hate to admit this truth about myself.  It is a weakness that is a little embarrassing, but nonetheless it is a real fear that I have.  I have discovered that this fear has continued to grow with each experience I endure with these creatures and I think it is safe to say I am truly Arachniphobic!  I really don't care for this particular group of God's creatures.  While they are fascinating with their abilities to create magnificent works of art in the complexities of their webs, and also their abilities as predators, the characteristic that I simply dread about these creatures is that they seem sneaky.  It seems like they are masters at hiding, which is probably why they are successful predators.   I just can't stand the thought of a spider hiding in the vicinity of myself, and the worse part is when they accidentally reveal their presence to me or I uncover one unexpectedly!  

I had gone to one of my office cleaning jobs in the evening instead of the usual time scheduled for the mornings.  Automatically I am a little more cautious within the building because it is dark and shadowy this time of day and some objects an be had to identify on the floor.  What I mean is what may seem like an innocent piece of cardboard lying on the floor, just inside a shadow, can metamorphasize into a giant, 8 legged monster instantly.  I was already on alert because I had gone through the mental process of imagining what possible outcomes should arise if I decided to clean the office in bare feet.  Why would I do that you ask?  Well I had gone out to dinner with some girlfriends before going to clean and had worn my heels- thinking that I had remembered my tennis shoes to change into afterwards, but apparently I forgot them this time and so I had to make the choice to walk around for three hours in heels cleaning or go barefoot.  (Both scenarios in my opinion very unhealthy for my feet)  So I chose heels because heaven forbid, what if I stepped on a SPIDER!  Thank goodness I had this foresight because as the night went  on I ran into not just one but a whole troop of the most monstrously horrific spiders I have ever experienced and they were all  little stealth bodies darting out with warnings to leave them be- well they didn't have to worry about that since I was clearly going to stay as far away as possible!  One of these monsters was the size of my palm!  I still have goosebumps just thinking about it now!  As the night went on the spiders weren't the only creep crawlers I ran into- but the others don't bother me at all and the toad was especially cool.