Saturday, September 27, 2008

Invitation to An Amazing Show

Sunrise over West Grand Traverse Bay

I want to share with you all an invitation to the most amazing and brilliant show I have ever seen.  It doesn't cost any money to attend, and you decide how long you would like to be apart of the audience- arriving and departing within what is convenient for you.  I can't guarantee that the content of the show will be consistent, since it is unrehearsed and there are many factors that play a role in the outcome of the display you will be witnessing.  Perhaps I should tell you there is a role that you will be required to play too.   There are some interactive elements to the show, but don't worry because it is only your perception and attendance that matter the most, especially if the show happens to offer a more solemn version on a particular morning or evening. There are only two showings offered on a daily basis.  Plan to get up early if you are one who usually sleeps past daybreak.  You can also try to catch the evening display, soon to be a matinee in the next few months (as we approach the depths of Autumn) if that works better for your schedule.  Whatever the show provides on the day you decide to attend, keep an open mind and try to see the beauty of its design and creation.  Applaud, whether in the form of a smile, a standing ovation, or even just an acknowledgement that you see the creativity and unique way everything has been organized.  Please understand that the final act arrives when you choose.  

So here is your invitation to take the time to watch the sun rise, or the sun set sometime soon.  I pray that you will be able to watch this gift of warmth and light in the morning- or if you decide to catch the evening show, then finality and closure of a day, with a mind that has appreciation for God's ultimate design in the effects of our daily and earthly existence.  If we can be certain of one thing on this earth it is that the sun will rise and set with each new day. This show has unlimited performances!  Sometimes the morning show is filled with a collage of colors and sometimes there are clouds, but the light of the sun will surely shine.  The lights will most definitely dim during the evening show, but there is a good chance you will witness a fiery glow, with a sprinkling of early stars peeking though the atmospheres layers.  Take the time to sit and enjoy the quiet beauty of the earth awakening or saying good night- and just realize how amazing it truly is that our earth steadily revolves on its axis, never wavering and always constant.  Providing a place for us to exist, to love, and to appreciate the blessings in our lives.  A brand new day is always upon us, and a new chapter to our lives starts with each sunrise.  May we be thankful for the opportunity to experience all that God graciously provides!