Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's Back!

I'm Back Baby!!!  And Better than Ever!!!

Why don't I just state the obvious- I have been on another planet for the past few months and it was apparently a planet that did not involve any access to writing on my blog.  Otherwise I would have been able to share so many stories, insights and moments from this past summer that have been nothing short of amazing!  To sum it all up within one post would be unjustifiable, goodness I have so many things to share, I don't even know where to begin.  You may have to bear with me as I recount certain moments that are pivotal to pointing in the direction I am now currently traveling in- some of the most important things that have happened are actually discoveries about myself and the meaning of my life here on earth.  (Those will be some of the deeper sessions, but I know they are meant to be shared)  Some of these moments that I want to recount are as simple and sweet as my children discovering baby snails one evening after dinner in the little jar terrarium we made for "one" snail.  The snail Riley had found on a walk one morning with our dear friend Rachael earlier in the summer.  We learned snails can make babies without the need of another snail, and now "Slimy" the snail will be let go this coming weekend. :)  

All in All I hope you are prepared to join me in my journey.  I just turned 30 years old only 2 weeks ago and I finally feel like I understand my purpose- not completely- I still have so much to learn, but it sure is nice to have a direction, a goal, an ambition to fulfill daily, weekly, yearly, eternally!  I guess I will wrap up my short preview for tonight now- I have to be mindful of my sleep now more than ever!  I am extremely thankful at this moment- even though things can be tough, as it has been lately.  It is in those moments that I have learned more about myself and God's plans for me than any other time in my life.  One step at a time, thankfully never alone...

See you again shortly from today!  xoxo- Stephie

P.S. I am still a major food-a-holic so you plan on hearing the conclusion to my four part series, along with more recipes, ideas, and eating experiences, each with  deliciously satisfying details communicated from my heart and soul!