Friday, February 19, 2010

Optimistic Oatmeal

February 19, 2010 - "This morning has been the BEST ever- Brisk air, the fields covered in snowy sparkly diamond blankets as they reflect the sun and all its bold warmth- I feel extremely blessed to be exactly where I am right now."

It is amazing what a gift life becomes when you step out and make a conscious decision to enjoy every single moment.  There wasn't necessarily anything particularly special about the start of my day today.   I started with the familiar motions of getting out of bed, letting the dog out and preparing breakfast for my babes.  There are so many things that need to be done around the house, the laundry chores especially and there is always homework for my classes too.   Its all simply endless, but what I have learned is that this is never going to change.  I am quite sure there will never be a morning that I will wake up to find that there is nothing that needs to be done.  So with that exception being acknowledged, I always decide to just roll with what the day has in store for me.  

I will begin my day with the tasks that are a priority and I will always pay attention along the way by keeping my heart and mind open to all the little ways that I can be thankful.  Sometimes it is something as simple as noticing and then thanking the creator for a beautiful sunrise.  I will share with you what Some of  My own personal favorite moments are, and I encourage you to think about your own------


When my husband calls me for no particular reason I find my heart just brims with happiness.  He is such an amazing blessing to my life and I am so thankful for our family and home we have built together.

When I get a surprise phone call from a close friend.   -Or-  Unexpectantly make a new friend. 

 I truly enjoy meeting up with a loved one that I haven't seen in a while.  Experiences with people are something I treasure and find extremely wonderful.  

When my children give me a humongous hug after being dropped off at the bus stop- I sometimes feel like I could cry- tears of joy of course!.   It helps me understand my purpose here on earth in a way that is crystal clear.

A sweet smile from a gracious driver who allowed me to turn out onto the busy traffic filled street always makes me smile. 

The opportunity to work in my kitchen and use my creative abilities, lets just say I love the special skills I have been able to practice in Culinary school.  I love that I am going to school and preparing a way towards my future career.  I can't wait to help people discover their own cooking abilities when I become a teacher- their are already doors opening for me in my dream career- its all so exciting.  To be able to work in a field that is so rewarding, its amazing!

So what does this have to do with Oatmeal you ask?  A friend asked me today where I get all my enthusiasm, where do i buy my "Optimistic Oatmeal?"  I don't know for sure, except to say that  it must have been on sale because I have a lot of it, a surplus actually.  I would love to share some with all of you if you would like.  Its really easy to make once you have practiced the preparation technique for a while.  All it really takes is some special attention to the small details.  A moment to see that its really not all as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be.  

Recipe Instructions-
-Open up your heart! 

-Mix it Up! Don't be afraid to try all the flavors life has to offer.

-Greet the Unexpected as if it is the next big thing you have always been waiting   for and never really knew you needed.

-Take a heaping spoonful - of life that is- and savor every glorious bite.

-Leave no room for bitterness and sour flavors.  Fill up on only the best, on ONLY exactly what you want.  In other words choose to do what makes you happy and find a way to say so long to anything that stops you from achieving your dreams.  Anything is possible, but you have to have faith and believe that you deserve it before it will be served.  God Bless my friends- now go out and enjoy a Stellar day!

Stellar wishes,