Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Got Schooled :)

She was completely insistent that she was in charge of plating the food.  "Keep your hands off and don't tell me how to do it" -she bellowed at me as I watched her narrow her focus to the first plate in the row.  As I watched her create her masterpiece, it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and my hands off the one plate that was not within her peripheral vision.  "This is normally my job", I was thinking, and as much as I am a subscriber to equal opportunity, my instincts kept pushing me to butt in, make a suggestion, tell her to just go sit down and let me finish.... but this time I would not.

My girl Lauren Abigail

I mean, what kind of Mother am I?  I should be proud of my sweet baby girl taking the initiative to apply herself in a craft that she has witnessed me practice for all 8 years of her life.  The fact is that for all that I stated above, I was actually beaming with pride on the outside.  It was these maternal instincts that were fiercely pushing me to want to lend a hand, help my baby with the concept-  She actually produced something so totally fun and surprising that I am glad I kept my hands to myself after all.  It is moments like this that I find myself being the student, my daughter schooling me in accepting the inevitable fact that she is growing up.  I finally can see the full circle now- like when I used to think that my own Mom didn't know anything relevant to the "Real World".  When we become parents we get so used to leading the way for our children that we forget sometimes to just take a step back and watch these beautiful beings express themselves and blossom into the amazing individuals they were born to be!  Good job Miss Lauren- I loved my Plate tonight! xoxo

Love Always,  Your Mama

Pancake Faces made with Raspberries by Lauren A. Sheffer :)