Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's Plate- Tour of the Past Two Weeks

Filling your plate with beautiful food
Its what I love to do.
It’s all about the taste.
May you clean your plate and leave nothing to waste.

Garlic Shrimp Dish from Spain Week in World Cuisine Class

Samosas I made at home to practice for our India Table at Tasters's Guild.
These have sweet potato and green peas in them.

Mike and Ray- my teammates working on a Soup we made for Spain week.

The finished product- "Sopa de Ajo"- A Garlic Soup

A cool trick for when you are rising dough that i learned from Ray- put the dough in your bowl- cover with saran wrap, then draw a circle over it to size it.  This way when the dough rises you have the original size to compare it to- Thanks Ray!

"A Spanish Omelette"  OMGoodness this was so good!
Potatoes, Onion, Egg and Salt and Pepper- that is all!  So simple and yet so delicious!
Spain week was a lot of fun!

We began enriched doughs in Intro to Baking- these are a take on cinnamon buns,
 but with a cherry filling.

Here are the Birthday treats that we made for Lauren's class- "Cupcake Cones"
I remember these when I was little!

Then we had to make a treat for Valentines day party in Lauren's class.  These were really fun to make.

The troop!

My Own quick concoction- "Great Northern Beans and Greens" I used Swiss Chard and 
it made for a nice combination.

This is me with my bag of baked goods making a delivery to my Mom after Baking class.  That bag is full of breads, cookies and brownies!  Yum!