Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten: Favorite Kitchen Tools

I have to admit it is quite difficult for me to ONLY choose ten items for this list since I totally adore many of the kitchen tools that I now own. It is important for you to know that these ten are in no particular ranking or order, just my ten most favorite right now. What I felt was the best criteria for this display of affections came down to the items overall amount of times that I use it and how it has changed my ability to create my food faster, healthier, even smarter! You will see a trend on the brand that i typically go for- this is on purpose. I do have a favorite! Fortunately I have discovered the best because of an amazingly detailed husband when it comes to picking out the best of the best. His philosophy is that you shouldn't waste your time or money on "second best." Needless to say I have never argued this point and have benefited nicely from his choices since many of these tools have been Birthday, Mother's day and Christmas gifts. Or should I say my family has enjoyed the delicious results from what these tools help me deliver to the breakfast, lunch and dinner table.

1. The KitchenAid Blender

With 5 speeds, and lots of POWER- this blender has made some amazing smoothies in its 4 years that we have owned it. I am sure there are even stronger models out there now but this baby has never let me down yet!

2. My Julienne Peeler from Pampered Chef-

Who has time for those fine cuts with a knife when the family is starving! I just love this little tool for when I want to make a nice carrot and cucumber shred for my salads. It is so quick and simple to use- my kids even like to use it.


Just look at this Bad Boy- My Juicer makes me Carrot Apple Ginger Cocktails, Orange Pineapple Cranberry Coolers, and Green Lemonades made with Kale. Maybe juicing isn't your thing, but I love it and this model makes the process so easy because it collects the juice on one side and the pulp on the other. I use the pulp in soups and smoothies and get a two for one deal out of the whole thing- its amazing!

4. Who likes Hummus, Who likes Pesto? This is your Dream Machine- Introducing The KitchenAid Food Processor

This model has two different bowl sizes to choose from depending on the size of ingredients you are using and two separate blades. It also has a slicer, and grater option that is pretty cool too. I have saved so much time with tis processor and it makes really great almond butter by the way too!

5. It keeps you Rolling- A Bamboo Sushi Mat that is!

I took a sushi rolling class a year ago and now I can't stop rolling- its so much fun and I love the creativity involved in choosing your ingredients for your rolls. I taught my first sushi rolling class a few weeks ago and I am ready to start offering more classes- if you are interested, lets set a date!!!!

6. Every Veggie Girl Loves her Boos Butcher Block Cutting Board

Owning a Solid Wood Butcher Block is easy and carefree when you don't ever cook with Meat. I oil this beautiful block with Walnut Oil to keep her youthful and make sure to clean her carefully after use, but I never worry about the dreaded bacteria that you have to beware with meats. I love the beauty of a butcher block and the Boos company is the Chef's top choice on the market.

7. Having Good Pots and Pans really does Matter-Calphalon is doing the
Job for Me :)

So they aren't AllClad- So what- I love them! My whole set of them, and they haven't failed me yet!

8. A Chef's Knife - The Hardest Working Hand Tool with My Guidance

It wasn't until I enrolled in a Knife skills class last spring and then went on to start culinary school that I realized how truly important it is to have a reliable and SHARP chef's knife. Granted you can easily lose digits this way if you are not practiced and careful, but I have seen my onion cutting abilities go from non-existent to well established in the past year and all of this was completely possible due to having a great knife that I trust!

9. Creating Cookie Batter is a Breeze, My KitchenAid Mixer never lets me down.

I have owned this mixer for almost 6 years and its just a work horse. The attachments that work with it are great too! We recently added the ice cream maker bowl to the options and it is great! Now that we can make our own ice cream we have really done some exploring or flavors and ways to make it unique and milk-free too!

10. The Hand Blender- If you don't have one already, you are definitely missing out on all the fun!

How in the world did I ever make blended soups before I owned this Baby! I even heard they make great smoothies too. I have only used this for soups so far, but I am excited to learn what else it can do. The power in this thing is UNREAL, so be careful- but I whipped up a Roasted Tomato Basil Soup in 20 minutes tonight that was super tasty and wonderfully easy with this hand blender.

So there they are- my top ten Kitchen Tools- so far....... I am so thankful for all of these modern wonders- They surely aid in one Stellar of an experience in my kitchen and I know they would provide the same help for you too!