Sunday, January 24, 2010

Surviving The "Real" First Week of School:


French Onion Soup with French Baguette and Gruyere Cheese
-France Week-

What is your favorite Ethnic Cuisine? Is there a particular country's food that you typically choose over any other? French, Italian, Mexican, Cajun Creole, Indian, Chinese, Thai, German, and Carribbean cuisines are only a few examples of the categories in worldly cooking practices we will be focusing on this semester in World Cuisine Class. I am extremely excited about this opportunity, along with all of the extracurricular activities that will be required of our class if we expect to move on with a decent grade.

As a chef it is our pride and joy to create delicious and memorable food experiences for our family, friends, and guests. As a student in World Cuisine class we have two specific occasions to offer to the public where you can experience the cultures beyond our United States borders in an authentic, flavorful, and fun way!

Let me take this opportunity to share a little bit about these events with you:

1. TASTERS GUILD- My team will be representing India!
"This annual event features a strolling dinner of international cuisine served at more than a dozen tasting tables throughout NMC's Great Lakes Campus. Prepared by Great Lakes Culinary Institute students, and featuring local and select regional and international wines. Net proceeds of this benefit auction go toward academic scholarships, books and equipment for students."

I am currently setting out around town and also talking to family and friends about donations for the silent and live auctions. Anything that you can do will be helpful and appreciated. So far some examples of donations I have received are artwork, service and tune-up packages, and a weekend get-away package. If you think you might be able to donate please let me know and I will be happy to answer any questions and get you the information. All donations are tax deductible.

2. ITALY DINNER- This is a special dinner concentrated on the cuisines of Italy. We are still in the planning stages for the dinner so the menu has not been set yet. The Italy dinner is a chance to experience the foods that make this culture so special. With special attention being paid to fresh ingredients, authentic preparations and an organized approach to a country whose food culture varies greatly from the North to the South. If you are interested in making a reservation for this dinner- tickets go fast- please call 995-3120 which will connect you with someone who can reserve your spot!

Lobdell's in the evening

So now you have an idea of what I will be working towards this semester. We have already made it through the first week which was all about France. Very Rich, very special food. France has quite a culinary pedigree when you learn about how they have created many of the principles we adhere to, and they were the first to actually document their food preparations formally- CookBooks! This week we are diving into Italy- I already feel a kinship with this country so it should be good!

Chicken Cordon Bleu from france week