Monday, January 11, 2010

Something to be Passionate About

I love Grissini!!!!

And specifically I love the Grissini from Pleasanton Bakery- a local brick oven bakery near my home that makes the most amazing breads. I try to find all different reasons to reward myself with these yummy creations from my bakery friends. I will even drive by on Sundays when I know they aren't really open with the hope that maybe I will be able to have a grissini anyways. My friends at Pleasanton know by now that this is my favorite treat from them since they will usually greet me- one hand waving, the other reaching into the baked goods display to grab one of each flavor that they offer. It has really become a favorite food of mine more recently and I am well aware of when the Grissini will be at its finest- especially since they only make Grissini on their baking days which are now Monday- Wednesday and Fridays- it is even still warm if I show up to the bakery around noon! My kids love when I have a Grissini craving, especially Lauren since she likes Grissini too. Riley always gets one of their delicious Chocolate Chippers cookies instead.

Pleasanton Bakery offers two flavors currently of their Grissini- Cranberry pecan and an Herb Parmesan flavor. I can't decide which one I like more since each one represents a different flavor profile. One is sweet, the other savory. Both are so wonderful! My passion for this Grissini is much like my passion for Culinary Arts. I think about it all the time. I think about when I will have Grissini all the time, in the case of cooking its always "When will I get to be in my kitchen next and what will I make?" It is a good feeling to know what I like and to be able to go for it. In the case of Grissini I know when it is available and I can make that work into my cravings. With Culinary School I finally feel like I have arrived into a focus that will give me the ability to help other people as I have always felt I was born to do. Starting the new semester today has given me a new excitement, new challenges and an assurance that I am stepping closer and closer to my goals. I can accomplish everything I have set out to do! Oh to have passion, to have love in my heart- feeling so fulfilled- its wonderful!

Here are some links about Pleasanton, and Grissini too if you want to learn more! Enjoy!