Monday, February 16, 2009


I was finding my self very discouraged this morning, but like most times when this happens to me I am able to either move on and let it go, or I decide to do something about it- In the case of the later- my discouragement usually turns into a passionate crusade to come up with a solution that helps me manage my feelings and determine how I can learn something new, possibly make a difference and move forward.  All of these thought processes were traveling around and around in my mind this morning before I finally said aloud: "Enough!!"  I turned my ipod off, which was playing a podcast that I truly enjoy and love (Vegetarian Food for Thought) and turned on the radio.  What usually happens when I make this electronics switch from the transmitting ipod to the car radio is a volume difference which makes the car radio very loud if I don't catch it right away.  BOOM- The first words of the song that happened to be playing at the switch were Steven Curtis Chapman's - "So la, la, la, la, live out loud" and instantly I knew that those lyrics were my answer.  As much as I have come to realize one of God's loving ways of communicating with me is through music- it still wonderfully takes me by surprise every time, and this morning was no exception.

You see the thing that I was struggling with so badly this morning was "why can't I just live my truth?"   -My truths, because there is more than one I am struggling with.  I was finding myself in a place where I completely know exactly what I should do, but no matter how much I say I don't care what people think- I was afraid.  I was afraid that while trying to not be disrespectful, or in that one moment when I just want to fit in that I would abandon what is truly most important to me.  Notice that I used the word "was" in the last two statements.  I Do know better than to let this mentality take over.  The hope which was so beautifully delivered in the message of that song this morning just reminded me that this world is so much bigger than me, but I still have the opportunity to talk, walk, live and be what I know is true in my heart.  The people in my life- the ones that mean the most to me- well I have faith that they will accept me no matter what.  They may not always agree with me, but they don't have to.  I shouldn't be afraid to be me, EVER, and starting right this very moment I, Stephanie Lee Sheffer am making a promise to myself To Have No Fear of standing up for what I believe in.  

So what do I "believe in" you might ask?  Well... I invite you to ask me sometime.  If you want to hear a testimony about life transformations, with happy and healthy discoveries for a joyful existence- I am always happy to share- and I would love to hear your story too.  Are you holding back something in your own life- for fear of the unknown?  I am someone who would rather be brave and uncover what is real, than not know or be ignorant- I always say KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and with that comes responsibility- because you should not ignore what you know- ever!  It would be too much of an injustice to your heart and soul to hold yourself back on anything that really moves you.

A Stellar Life begins when we decide to be thankful for each new day, and also when we practice joy, discovering happiness in the wonderful treasures of our families, friendships, and the unconditional love of God.  Be bold, be strong and smile- And Remember one of my favorite quotes: "Be the change you want to see in the world!"