Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life's Path

Just about everyday I look at the link on my bookmarks bar that says "Steph's Blog" and I wonder if I will ever get back into writing on that thing.  I have been spending a little more time writing the old fashioned way with Pen and paper, so I guess I have come to the conclusion it is either one way or the other for me.   Since there are only so many minutes in a day, and I tend to consume them all with this, that or the other with the greatest of ease, I guess when it happens that I can write here I just will.

Lately I have been refining my focus in life.  I continue to believe that ignorance is NOT bliss and that Knowledge IS Power.  I have a deeper sense of responsibility for my own actions than ever before.  In understanding how my life is apart of something so much bigger than myself, my curiosities for discovering where I fit in have enlightened me to a new sense of purpose and belonging I have never experienced before.  It is a wonderful sensation when you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that you aren't supposed to just stay in that place.  That instead it should be automatic to continue moving, learning, loving and expanding the possibilities for an effective life.   I have realized that being content with what you have opens up your sight to an even greater appreciation for what you earn when you work hard.  Being content with myself has allowed me more time and energy to devote to helping others.  This is ultimately all I have ever wanted to do in my life.  God has blessed me immeasurably and now all I want to do is show him my recognition of these blessings, and my gratitude for all the happiness I have experienced in my life by giving back to other people.

There you have it- this is where my thoughts have traveled this morning- I admit it is a little deeper than I expected, but I have found that when I put these words into a concrete form and pull them from my mind- they become a sign post for where I am today- and a way to look back at where I have come from on the days when I am need of encouragement.  It is my prayer that you are all doing well and experiencing the joy we are intended to always have within us.  I read a church sign this early morning on my way to work that I know was not a coincidence.  At the very moment that I read it I was very concerned for My little Lauren who has not been feeling well all week long.  It said "There are no worries, when we have faith".  Deciding to have Faith that God will watch over Lauren and also help Tod and I make the right decision to help her along the way to getting healthy again was much more reassuring than just wasting all my energy being insecure and scared.  She is doing slightly better this morning, but I am taking her into the doctor today to have a professional opinion just to be sure we have not overlooked something.

Until next time- Eat well and prosper with love, happiness and a joy-filled life! xoxo-Stephie