Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"It tastes like Chicken!"

First a short update:  Riley, who didn't get to try the Humsagna I made especially for him the night before, ate two whopping helpings for dinner the next night and said it was the best Lasagna he had ever had- That's my boy, who always knows how to make his Mama feel special!

Last night dinner at the Sheffer's involved an introduction to a new food.  I knew that I had to really make it good or I would lose them on the first try.  It could possibly solidify Tod's ideas that "Tofu" just didn't look that good, so why would it taste good.  I had been reassuring him for the past week that this white lump sitting in our fridge was going to be really yummy as long as it is prepared the right way.  He would usually respond with a raised eyebrow and them smile at me in that way that tells me "Alright I'll let you try."  So in the days preceding this big unveiling of a new food to my family, I spent time on line and in my cookbooks, trying to find a recipe that would do justice to the white lump in the fridge.  I finally settled on a recipe that involved marinating the tofu and then baking it in the oven.  The marinade was super simple to put together and the whole ordeal took maybe 10 minutes to prepare.  While it was cooking my two kiddos both came out to the kitchen with their noses high in the air, telling me that "something smells really good Mama."  I decided not to tell them what it was and let them guess.

30 minutes later I pulled out my baked tofu and put it on top of salads for my family.  The kids thought it was chicken and didn't make any comment that would suggest they thought it could be anything different.  Tod got home late that evening so his tofu bites had cooled but he seemed to like them in his salad and also commented that they would be good in a wrap.  His summary of Tofu is that it basically must take on the taste of whatever you pair it.  For the most part I think he is right.  So I have made the assumption now that we can integrate Tofu into our regular family food fare and my family will not raise any objections.  Mission accomplished, successfully!  I am so happy! :)

You can find the recipe I used at this address: