Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Can't Ignore What I Know

Lately there have been some pretty significant changes in my lifestyle, and I feel that I have become a giant sponge- eager to absorb all the knew information and knowledge that will help me along my path to becoming a resource for nutrition seekers of all walks and ages.  My goal of obtaining a PhD in the field of Nutrition is becoming more and more real with each day that I step out into the world.   By attending school, reading books and articles, watching Food Network-(I really love that channel, especially the show Good Eats) and exploring the culinary world by creating and practicing all types of techniques with grilling, baking, and mixing foods of all kinds, I have made leaps and bounds over the past year.  I feel like I can't learn fast enough and I am always interested in talking about anything that has to do with FOOD, nutrition, fitness and overall health and healthy lifestyles.  Not many people know this about me, but one of the most significant changes I have made (and I truly don't want to make a big deal about this, please realize it is a choice I have made for myself and I am very happy with this decision for my own reasons) is becoming what most people would consider a vegetarian.  I'm not going to go into all the specifics except to say that since I have made this switch I have felt better than I could have ever imagined both physically and mentally.  It wasn't a change that seemed that drastic since the majority of what I was eating did not involve what I am not eating now.  Whew- that was a big confession for today and I think that is where I will leave it for now.  Basically what it all comes down to is this- the the more I know, I have learned I must be responsible with that knowledge and follow my heart, if for anyone, most of all for myself.  Much of my passion I must admit does come from the satisfaction of knowing I am creating a healthy environment for my family too.  It is their decision to eat and enjoy what they want, but I will always make it a point to offer them the healthiest choices I can come up with.