Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Confessions to 34 ~ Day 30

30 Confessions to 34
Day 30

The beginning of my journey- I walked/ran 3 miles today!- Healthy

Confession:  I start a lot of projects like this one.  Keeping up with this one "could" be challenging for me as well.

whew, that was a really hard confession to make... I guess the truest ones always are.  Notice I emphasized the word "could" because I am not going to start this out by making a negative prediction.  Instead I would like to believe I will stick to this one and find much satisfaction and reward in the completion.

The thing is I have this idea that I think is cool.  I want to document my journey over the next thirty days on my way to my 34th birthday.  The purpose you ask?  I'm not really sure if there is one, except that I would like to accomplish some different things I have been thinking about doing lately and keeping a journal was at the top of my list.

On my countdown to the next new year of my life there are some fundamental goals I have that don't necessarily have specific definitions on what it will take to achieve them.  Many of these I already possess, but if I can be fortunate enough to add even more to my overall happiness, health, knowledge and love than my life will surely be that much richer.  How could it not?

Today I focused on being mindful and the gift that I received was joy.- Happiness

I took time to get out for a walk/run early this morning in the rain- Health

I secretly looked up how to break down a salmon so that I would look like I knew what I was doing when it came time to prepare the fish that we caught on Lake Michigan the other day- Knowledge

I ate A LOT of fresh blueberries today because they are my absolute favorite fruit in the whole wide world and there is nothing more delicios to this foodlover than plain old hand picked berries!- Love

Quote of the day:

"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.  Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination~ Don Williams, Jr.  1968