Monday, January 24, 2011

Present-Tense Thinking.

The sunrise through a busy morning intersection.  

Put your right hand directly over your heart.  With focused intention feel the sensations of your one and only heart's automatic and rythymic pulse as it gently imposes its force through layers of internal and external protections.   

Take a deep breathe in.  Now with a measure of control release the consumption of your lungs.  As you do this be totally aware of every part of you that has to perform in perfect unison to activate this normally involuntary reflex.

 This is the natural synchronicity that is meant to support your days and years of accumulated life.  Generally these utility systems of energy exchange within us, continuing in their functions with little or any purposeful prompting by any of our own original thought.  Circulatory beauty, our body is designed to take care of itself.  Our bodies also have abilities to give us subtle, and even acute messages in times of certain needs.  Be it hunger, thirst, a particular nutrient, or sleep, if we are healthy and in tune to these messages we can meet our own needs and progress.  Once we have met these basic needs we have the freedom to devote more energy to the moments of passionate experience that we crave.

I believe it is important to slow down and connect with the heartbeat and breathe often.  Its the most immediate and easiest way to be present.  Being present is important to be able to understand the truth of what is going on around you.  To become a better listener and create a stronger awareness of the atmosphere you are being surrounded with.  Breathe in...

Is this where you want to be right now?  Its up to you to tell your feet where to travel.

Is this what you wanted to do?  It takes honest decision-making to match up your current attendance to where you truly hoped to be today.          

Are you happy today?  That is a choice.

Are you thankful for anything?  Gratitude, appreciation, comprehension of what is good about your life and taking nothing for granted is essential to recognizing your happiness potential. 

 Breathe out...

Practice being present for your life.

Today is always an opportunity.  Today I spent most of my time at school...

For me I wanted to be enrolled in and graduate from culinary school.  I made a choice to be here.  I want to make the most of this educational journey.  I am happy to be apart of a team with established goals.  I am thankful for the ability to practice and hone my culinary and professional skills, and also for the guidance of my instructors.  I will be successful here because I am intentional about achieving my purpose.  I want to share my passion and excitement for food to help people feel healthy and happy and thankful.

I can apply this kind of presence to every part of my life...


 adj \ˈpre-zənt\

Definition of PRESENT

: now existing or in progress
a : being in view or at handb : existing in something mentioned or under consideration
3: constituting the one actually involved, at hand, or being considered