Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Importance of Precision


 noun \pri-ˈsi-zhən\

Definition of PRECISION

: the quality or state of being precise : Exactness
a : the degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or a measurement stated — 

I have learned practice is the only thing that will yield precision. 

Every single teacher I have had has made the point that a very telling characteristic of a chef's abilities starts with his/her knife skills.  It shows attention to detail and experience or practice with the craft.  As the knife becomes an extension of our hands it is important to know how to use it 
safely and with accuracy. Once this is mastered, the kitchen cutting board becomes a stage for the ingredients of every type of cuisine to be manipulated, modified and transformed into something special.  

You have to know how to take care of your knife too.  This applies to keeping the blade SHARP.  A dull knife is even more dangerous than the blade that can shave hairs from your wrist.  A dull knife will require you to use a much more force to push a blade through the items you are slicing and dicing.  If your knife is sharp, then the knife does almost all the work, allowing you to be its guide.

Its what allows us to be at the cutting edge of whatever we are doing.
Proves an attention to detail and that it mattered.
Smoothing out the rookie approach to your tasks by applying practice.