Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week Eight- Reaching the End of My Intern Experience and the Start of Wonderful New Adventures

Internship- Black Star Farms
Stephanie Sheffer
Week 8

From the first moment I walked in the back door of the Inn, dressed for success in my school chef coat, my little black hat and pig tails I had a knowing that this experience would be phenomenal.  I might not have realized initially in the beginning that its impact would leave such a large impression on me, in how I am learning so much about myself, but I knew it would be more than a job.  This opportunity to grow, practice and learn in such an outstanding setting… its beautiful on the property of Black Star Farms- truly- and I feel like I have so many opportunities in front of me now because of my time here.

This journey as an intern, my metamorphosis into a true employee has taught me so much about the culinary profession.  Seeing the veteran performances of my supervisors and the way they so confidently carry out their duties inspires me to want to learn as much as I possibly can.  I want to know it all, right now.  I want to pick up my chefs knife and know that it is apart of me- together we create, we design, and we carry out the responsibilities that have been handed to us.  I want to raise the bar every day and go for heights that seem impossible to everyone but me.  My senses are confident that with the right amount of focus, I can accomplish all of my dreams.  I have seen my identity revealed in the thankfulness of the people that surround me… now even more importantly from my family and friends – both historical and new.  Once again it is their support and love that has brought me to this point.

In the kitchen this week we are busy with events, weddings, the daily details of delivering amazing breakfasts and dreaming of what we can do to make this business, our kitchen an even stronger presence in the culinary world.   We want to make this place a desirable destination to obtain memorable meal experiences, heart-warming food adventures, tastefully powerful encounters with the very food we need to eat to live.  More than ever I want to be apart of something like this.  I want to believe that this is the beginning of the next big thing.  With measured consent for my time and energies- my family still needs to be first always- I want to invest my passions for food with everyone I possibly can.  I want to share what I know.  I want to contribute my happy go lucky spirit to the success of preparing beautiful food and unforgettably delightful taste indulgences.

Roasted Vegetable Breakfast Egg Roulade with Basil Creme Fraiche

If this destination will allow me, I hope to contribute helpful suggestions and impressive concepts that fit their mission.  I still have so much to learn, and I am humbled by the enormous task of taking on each and every challenge that is presented to me.  My experience as an intern has taught me so much about being a professional, more than I ever dreamed it could.  I have so much clarity now and my passions for the food have matured and found a stronger, louder voice. 

I truly cannot wait to return to school this next month to share my new excitement.  I am charged up!!  I want to continue to be challenged.  I am secure in knowing that my support system is stronger than ever. (Thank you family and friends, you know who you are and I adore that you never stopped believing in me- ever)

I have an intense amount of respect for the opportunity that has been given to me to learn and grow during my internship at Black Star Farms.  I am looking forward to seeing the guests who already have made their reservations to return and asked me if I will be there still.  I am excited for my new friendships at school and work and how I we will encourage each other on our new and expanding life paths. 

This week:

-I received my very own chef’s coats that have the Black Star logos on them this week.  This is huge to me!  I love them and I am so proud to wear these uniforms.  I think they look pretty darn nice on me too! 

-A flurry of guests have come up to me after their breakfasts and thanked me for such a lovely experience.  This is almost overwhelming but it means so much to me!

-My article in GT Women came out this month too- I have been published!!!  Goals becoming reality. 

-My writing is taking on a whole new presence in my life- helping me realize more about myself than I could ever fathom before. 

Is this all because I was an intern?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  The depth of this experience has definitely changed me though.  I have conviction now, and I see my purpose and myself even more clearly than I ever used to. 

I am thankful.  

I feel blessed.  

The hope and beauty revealed in a Black Star Sunrise

I have so much more to do, to work on, to learn still, but I am confident that the impact I leave on this world will be special.  Will you join me on this journey?  Lets eat some amazing food together and enjoy life to the fullest.  Being an intern has been an amazing experience for me!
Thank you Black Star Farms, Chef Jonathan Dayton, and the farm family that exists there for accepting me into this opportunity.

 Thank you Great Lakes Culinary Institute for making this internship such an important part of our learning experience.

Thank you most especially to my husband Tod, Lauren, Riley, Mom, Dad, all my special friends, the newest to the lifetime ones, and my enormous family- you have been behind me all the way and I can feel your support and love!