Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 4- Becoming A Part of the Team

Internship- Black Star Farms
Stephanie Sheffer
Week 4

It has been one month since I started at Blackstar and I am starting to feel like I am a real part of the team.  It is nice to be getting to know my co-workers and understanding the expectations of my position in the team even better.  I made breakfast and hospitality appetizers all on my own five days this week with little or no issues. Chef Jon would check in with me and lend suggestions when I asked for help with ideas for things like garnishes or plate presentation. 

-"Chicken in a Corn Field"- as named by my 8 year old Lauren- Its a wedge of cornbread on top of Asparagus Lattice and then topped with a fried egg and cheese sauce.

This was also the first week that we started serving a group on Sunday evenings called “TAUCK.”  This is a travel group that comes every Sunday evening for a prix fix meal that consists of a salad course, entrée and dessert along with a glass of Blackstar winery’s wine.  The first group was a little on the smaller side, only 24, but it was a good size for me to learn the ropes on.  I worked mostly on helping prep ahead and then plating.  I was told that the group has the potential to be as many as 48 people.  We offer these dinners every Sunday all the way until the end of October.

Veggie Bundles tied with green onion

-Chef Jon putting entree plates together for TAUCK dinner

I also spent more time at the Café this weekend too helping with serving, bussing tables and more baking too.  I think I like baking in the Inn kitchen better than the kitchen at the Café but it was still good to experience working there too.  I feel like it was good for me to practice my serving skills too since this is such an important part to the food service industry and the overall dining experience of the guests we cook for.