Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays Top Ten- Summer Reading Inventory

 Please share with some of your favorites too that I could add to my list!  I would really love to hear them- even if they are not food related.  Here is what I have lined up so far for my summer reading.

Sustenance and Desire
A food lovers anthology of sensuality and humor.
-Various Writers and Artists

This is the book I am starting my summer with and I am really enjoying its unique qualities.  It is a collection of poems, short stories and paintings ALL in adoration of food.  Featuring writers like MFK Fisher, Barbara Kingsolver, and Emily Dickinson to name a few.

The Flavor Bible
"The essential guide to culinary creativity"
Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

At the end of every semester I have a standing date with Horizon Bookstore in downtown Traverse City to buy a new book.  This semester I was introduced to these authors when we had to read "New American Chef"in World Cuisine by the same authors.  Great book too and I plan to go back and read the chapters that we weren't required to read in class.  I have started the first chapter of this book and it was hard to put down.  I have a feeling this will be in my bag of tricks for the rest of my career.

Ryan M. from school also told me about another book by them called "Culinary Artistry" - I just got a call that they have it on hold for me at the store as of yesterday- I can't wait!!!

Food Rules
An Eater's Manual
Michael Pollen

This is a quick read and it is one that will really make you think about your food choices.  I have already read it but I plan to return to it often when I want to motivate my thinking and need a topic to write about.

Dinner Diaries
"Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World"
Betsy Block

I think this one will be a fun read- I picked it up a month or so ago and can't wait to dive into her story.

The Tipping Point
"How little things can make a big difference"

I have already read the first few chapters and will return to it once I finish Sustenance.  A friend from school actually suggested I read this after I had already bought it so I must have been meant to read it.

I found the next two cookbooks at a Consignment shop "Zany" for half of what I would have paid at the store- They are beautiful and the recipes within are very adventurous.  Since the magazine went out of publication a last  Fall I think these books will become a popular keepsake.
Gourmet Cookbooks
The World at your Table

The Best of Gourmet- 65 years

The Five People you Meet in Heaven
Mitch Albom

I read "Tuesdays with Morrie" earlier this year and loved it so I figured this might be an interesting pick too.  Not so much a foodie book but it is on the list this summer.

Summer Magazines

Maybe I will actually be able to get caught up on all of my publications that come to me by mail.    There are a lot of them!

Omnivore's Dilemma
Michael Pollen

I do like his writing.  Ever since I read "In Defense of Food" a few years ago- by whole life has changed.  It is nice to see this community I live in, and the world start to take a closer look at our food sources and the industry and government that are trying to control them all.  I have read about 75% of this book and need to finish it.  Have you figured out yet that I usually have 4-5 books being read at a time depending on my mood or whatever one I happen to pick up at the time.  Its the way I have always read and it works for me.

A Homemade Life
Molly Wisenburg
This book came to me last weekend when Tod and I went out for  a date night and decided to stop at the bookstore to browse books and get some coffee.  I just picked it up out of the food/cookbook section and it seemed to fit.  Its all about a food blogger- possibly like ME!  I am really excited to read this one!

A Few More that I haven't picked up yet, but they will hopefully be added to my library this summer:

Devil in the Kitchen- Marco Pierre White
Small Wonder- Essays - Barbara Kingsolver
Food Matters- Mark Bittman
Julie and Julia- Julie Powell
The Splendid Table- Lynn Rosetto Kasper
Becoming a Chef- Andrew Dornenburg
500 things to eat before it is too Late- Jane and Michael Stern
How to Pick a Peach- Russ Parsons
 Garlic and Sapphires ( stories of a food critic)
 The Making of a Chef( behind the scenes at CIA)
 The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher