Monday, May 17, 2010

A Month of Monday's- A Pictorial Tour of the Last Month

I've been gone for awhile
 Though I still have a smile :)

The past month has been a transitional period for me with final exams, starting a new job and closing my cleaning business of 8 years.  
I have so many stories to catch up and tell
I can't wait to share with you all the exciting things I have been up to.

Here is a small pictorial preview of the past month- stories to follow I promise!
Three weeks ago- this was my last day of class with my baking friends!  

The very next day I was Off to start my new job at Black Star Farms- This is the view from my kitchen window!!

One of the first things I made on the first day of work was this chocolate covered strawberry plate- 7 strawberries to symbolize 7 years of marriage for one of our Inn couples that were arriving that night.  It was an easy little project to start.

4 days after the last day of classes I was the coordinator of the Staff Appreciation Brunch at my kids school- Westwoods- From what I was told it was one of the nicest presentations ever.  Thanks to a lot of help from many Westwoods families it came together very nicely.

On the menu was assorted Quiches, Baked goodies, Granola, Fresh Fruit and Yogurt parfait bar and a beverage bar too!  Too bad I couldn't make Mimosas for those teachers :)

One week later after my first week at Black Star Farms I got to cook breakfast for the Inn.  The chef was there to help me out of course.  I made Crustless Quiches with a spicy tomato sauce on top of wilted greens with shallots. (Ray's recipe)  Everyone said it was great!  The guests all clapped for me when the Inn keeper told them that it was my first breakfast.

After my first breakfast I went over to the Oleson Center at NMC and helped Sous Chef the class "Cooking without a recipe" with Eric Patterson and Jennifer Blakeslee.  This is a beef tenderloin dish the class came up with.

The following day I made my Thai Corn Cakes over Black Stars own pork sausage topped with a poached egg, Leelanau Cheese company cheese sauce and a frizzed peppers garnish- Roasted Fingerling potatoes fan the outside.  One of the guests came up to me afterwards and asked if I had "made everything by hand".  It was sweet!

Immediately following my second breakfast at Black Star I drove out to Glen Arbor where my friend Kristin and I had planned a special dinner for our girlfriends.  We put together an amazing menu- Kristin did a great job researching the recipes and shared the kitchen for the night.  It was a wonderful evening and all the food preparation turned out very delicious.  

I made Coconut Macaroons dipped in Ganache paired with Fresh Raspberry Sorbet for dessert that evening.  The raspberries were from last summer's picking at Grandma's house!

As if the weekend wasn't eventful enough- the next day I went back to Black Star Farms to work in the Hearth and Vine cafe where I learned to make Brick Oven Pizzas!!!!  Later in the evening I stayed on to shadow with Chef Paul and and see how an entire meal can be prepared with the use of the brick oven.  Paul was like a one man band- super impressive- 4 different entrees served Rack of Lamb, Cedar Plank Whitefish, Beef Tenderloin and Rabbit, Roasted Asparagus, Polenta cakes too.  Every guest was thrilled with their meal!

Some baked goods I prepared for a breakfast meeting and for the Inn guests too!  Morning glory muffins and Walnut crusted Banana Bread.

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Evening Hospitality!!

Oriental Spiced Tuna Tar Tar Cucumber cups for evening hospitality in the Inn that I created- (don't mind the saran wrap)

Fruit trio Lollipops- Not plated yet but a fun idea. :)

Grilled Flat Bread Pizzas at Home!!

First campfire of the year on the Farm!!

NMC Barbeque with my Mom and family too.

I have not slowed down yet...  So far I love the pace and can't wait to see what is in store for the upcoming summer- Stories are on their way :)