Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Special Thank you to All Of You!

My beautiful Baby Girl- I am so glad she is finally getting better!

Today I am thankful and I feel full of happiness, to the brim and overflowing actually- despite the fact I have only gotten 13 hours of sleep since I laid my head down on my pillow Sunday night.  The past few days have come and gone in a flurry of emotion filled moments.  Each incidence might have been more than we could handle if it had not been for the assurance that there was a greater and most capable power in control- God was in control along with all of your faith-filled prayers and requests for supernatural healing.  We could feel each of your appeals in a way that allowed us to stay strong in front of our baby girl.  She needed us to be encouraged that everything was going to be alright, and amazingly we were able to convey the expressions of hope she needed to make it through.  We can honestly tell you that we witnessed with our hearts wide open a healing miracle at work.  It started with a confident doctor whose wisdom and discernment finally narrowed down a diagnosis and gave us some much needed answers.  We then watched Miss Lauren show us how to be extremely brave in the midst of unfamiliar scenery and foreign procedures.  Lauren was one tough cookie as she was inflicted with  painful experiences that I wish I could have stood in for her.  If I could have, I would have traded places with her in a heart beat to spare her all that throbbing pain in her little body.  Oh, but she was so strong, and fearless, and we felt so proud to be her Mama and Daddy.  

Driving up to the E.R. entrance was the grand finale of sorts to a confusing and dramatic past weekend.  It all just happened so fast, a reminder that everything can change in an instant and to never take anything for granted.  How was I to know it could all change so quickly as I watched Lauren and Riley leap out of my car Friday morning, each of them running with there back packs flailing close behind.   I never imagined I would return in the afternoon to pick them up, only to discover horrifying symptoms, indicators of disastrous results all over Lauren's little legs and arms.   The progression of this attack all happened so quickly that within an hour she could no longer walk without tear-filled eyes, and unfortunately our first visit to the doctor in this surprising development gave us little hope, and no real answers.  In fact the terrible case scenario explained to us, which was meant to at least prepare us for the worst, was almost more than we could bear- finally enough to send us to our knees and do the only thing we could do....  We gave it to God- we put every ounce of faith and trust in his competent hands and vowed to be the love and caring support system here on earth that she needed to get through this event. 

 Sending out a prayer request to all of you was an absolute no-brainer and the responses were the blessed answer to our heart's cries for a pardon of Lauren's pain.  Saying thank you to you all might not be the right words to convey how deeply thankful we really are.  When Lauren was allowed to go home Wednesday night from the hospital and her smile was restored, we experienced the beauty of answered prayers.  I want each of you who prayed for Lauren and our family to know that it was an incredible moment when she walked back into her own home on her own two almost pain free legs.  We are still not completely in the clear, but the prognosis is good, and we have a restored hope in our hearts that with all of the love and support for her that everything is going to be alright.  It has to be!

So I am full.  Full of optimism, happiness and love!  Did I mention that Lauren's Daddy is amazing too.  You see Lauren is a "Daddy's Girl" to no end and what I love is that her Daddy went above and beyond this time to make her feel special, to be his princess.  God is good, I know and believe this with all my heart and soul.  Just like I know that Lauren is on the mend and her health is being restored back to her perfect beautiful and happy form.  Again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, we know they are so much apart of the calm and peaceful road to recovery for Lauren and our family.

A Stellar gift of hope and peace was laid upon all of our hearts over the past few days as we petitioned for the merciful healing of lil' Miss Lauren.  We feel that the ability to stay strong through the toughest of moments was due to the fact that we could sense each of your loving thoughts and prayers for Lauren. We are eternally grateful to you all.

All my love xoxo- Stephie