Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Optimistic Point of View

So this is what it feels like when we really have to trust in the Lord.   I can confidently say that I know with all my heart His plan is perfect.  Each step we take reveals abundant blessings and answered prayers, but it also can bring unforeseen challenges too.  I am not afraid to press forward, and I can do so without fear because I know that it is all for a purpose.  It is this assurance I have that helps me retain my optimism and eliminate worry from my emotions.  I have lived, in my short life so far, through my different real life examples of how if it so much more efficient to lead a life to the best of my capabilities, with a healthy perspective, with compassion, and with thankfulness for basic needs that are being met daily for myself and my family.  I have learned that when we make requests in our prayers and daily conversations with God that we must not petition with expectation, but with trust in our heart and soul that God will respond and deliver all in accordance to his perfect will and plan for our life.  This means that when we pray for things like patience- instead of just receiving patience he may instead give us an opportunity to practice patience.  We may earn a life lesson that we will now carry usefully for the rest of our lives from this practice.  How good is God, that he knows our needs and has already put into action a perfect plan for us to display his power and love to the world.  That we may then experience beautiful joy and happiness if we are just willing to move forward in obedience, in trust, and have open hearts to receive his grace as a result!  Too many times in the recent months of this new year I have received unexpected news.  News that to many people could be a deal breaker in the ability to maintain a happy, healthy existence.  I have contemplated what I could have done better, or was there a choice that would have given me a more satisfactory result.  Sometimes the answers to these questions seemed extremely hard to pin down, leaving me to choose between only two variations of one important word: Hopefulness or Hopelessness.  I choose a Hope Full Life!

I pray for a full life, and the ability to see the opportunities to achieve and recognize the answer to my appeals.  I beleive Hopefulness in the only answer in every situation.  Do you search your day, with a hope filled heart?  Do you trust that He has a perfect plan for your days?  

He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord-- Psalms 112:7

The verse above is the prayer in my heart today.  I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understandings and be thankful for the blessings abundant that he has already delivered to me and my family.

A stellar life begins when we remain faithful in our trust for greater outcomes beyond our imagination.  That there is a purpose being fulfilled with each step we take along the way.