Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ingredients for a Happy Life

Two silly gals having fun!

*Just a little side note to acknowledge that the idea for this little tidbit of thinking came from the early morning refreshing conversation between myself and a very dear friend of mine, Rachael.  We have found our conversations to cover quite a bit of ground- sometimes deep, sometimes silly, sometimes reminiscent, always leaving us feeling thankful for the ability to share and learn about each other as we grow in our friendship.  She is a special blessing in my life!

I have come to enjoy many new aspects of my most recent days and months I have lived.  Most of the enjoyment has been the product of realizing my ability to be very much in control of the decisions I make, the attitudes I display and the words that I choose to express myself.  One of the most important realizations though is that I am a product of the ingredients I choose to incorporate into my daily recipe called life.  There are so many delicious ingredients I can mix in every day and the best ones seem to create the most wonderful memories and really affect the people around me in a positive way too.  There are other ingredients that I can choose that can be very detrimental to the overall taste of my day.  Sometimes just one lousy ingredient can ruin the entire batch, making me either grumpy or once again affecting those around me in a  very bitter way.  

Adding alcohol?  Well sometimes that can be fun, but if too much gets dumped in, well it is a guarantee that I will feel sick and depressed later on, and you would  think I would be more careful the next time.  That is one of my newest realizations though and even though I have never been one to overindulge with alcohol too much- I have learned that this ingredient more times than not really is one I could do without.  Watch out for gossiping, judging, assuming, interrupting, and lying too- these can really mess up a recipe in a hurry!

Now adding prayer, love, friendship, smiles, encouragements, hugs, kisses, good manners and sometimes just listening instead of talking have all been wonderful ingredients to add each day.  My favorite ingredient most of all is smiling.  It is hard for people who look at me smiling, not to smile back and that small gift can be worth more than anything else in a day.  A smile is something to savor, and enjoy, its flavor can last for quite a long time.  

So what ingredients do you use for your recipe of daily life?  Think about it and then be creative.  Don't be afraid to try new things, and if something  you put together in a day doesn't quite taste right, then please make sure you figure out which ingredient it was and if you plan to try it again, use it sparingly if at all.  Now when you find an ingredient that works, well by all means use it everyday!  Enjoy! xoxo