Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early Morning Riser

Early morning riser how do you get motivated? 

What does the key look like that unlocks your ordinary ability to open your eyes during the stillness of shadowy pre-dawn hours.  What helps you initiate the movement of your bones to an upright stance as you stretch your warm toes onto a greeting with cool floorboards?

 Do you ever reflect on your ritual, habitual, and natural activities before daybreak?  The reflexive actions of outstretched arms, arching your back, lengthening your calves, and ever-reaching for that warm prickling sensation that courses through your rested muscles as they awaken and respond.

Is there a renewed hopefulness that creeps into your imagination and expectations? Do you think about all of the potential that a new day offers in its youth?  When does your first smile appear?  What are you looking forward to?

How wonderfully different is every single morning, your own individual phenomenon of awakening.   Do you start your mornings with a thankful heart?   Today is a brand new day to navigate and exist.  You have no way of knowing for sure if it will be an easy-going day or one full of challenges but that shouldn’t really matter.  Either way you’re getting a fresh plate to fill and create whatever you want.  What will you decide to produce with the ingredients that are assigned to you?  How will you combine these with the ones you already have on-hand.

It is going to take a practiced ability, instinctive knowledge and inventiveness to present your best next step forward today.  How you begin your day will be the catalyst to the chain reaction that carries you through the remainder of your waking hours.  Take the time to make it a good start early riser.  Its going to be another great day.

Go ahead and yawn
Make sure to stretch
Spend an extra minute or two in the shower if you can afford to
Turn on some good music and drink a hot beverage
Eat a delicious breakfast
Get out the door on time
(share some love and hugs with happy kids)
Take the time to watch the sunrise

Wear comfortable shoes