Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Culinary Artistry to me?

Completed Beauty 
and the kind of food that is reminiscent 
of going home for dinner.
 There is a noticeable extra special touch 
of detail and refinement.  
Loving attention and creativity has been 
infused into every part of it.
 It's all original and purposefully composed 
to satisfy and go above and beyond 
all of the senses of the one who will consume it . 
 It's not repetitive.
 It most likely can never truly be duplicated.  
Unique and one of a kind!  

This is what I believe defines 
Culinary Artistry. 

This is just what I do as a Chef.  
This is what I love to do.
This is what I create, the 
kind of food that I always will be creating....  
This is what I want to eat, 
its the 
only kind 
of food I want to eat.
This is how I believe seeds of 
intense food memories are planted. 

I am using what I have learned and 
practiced to share an experience which will remind you to return to my table when you are hungry.